Border Collie Sleep does actually happen


As I mentioned in the last post I’ve become a bit concerned that this site has been a little bit on the “gloomy” side when it comes to discussions on the breed. I wanted to get a few things up to show you it’s really not all that bad. This really is the best dog […]

Back Pedaling…

Ned the Border Collie

The other day a longtime friend of mine called me and somehow we got talking about dogs, his wife wanting a puppy and dog training. I mentioned he should check out one of the dog training books I’ve got highlighted on the site and after chatting a bit we hung up. Yesterday I get an […]

Border Collie Flashlight Obsession

Border Collie Flashlight Obsession

I’m pretty sure this is not breed specific to Border Collies but boy, oh boy is it something. We discovered the Border Collie Flashlight Obsession by accident one night and we’ve been dealing with it ever since. My neighbor had locked herself out of her house and asked me to come over and help her […]

Border Collie Intelligence – Strong Association Skills


The annoying side effect of Border Collie intelligence can be troublesome. I’ve mentioned before about how our Border Collie, Ned, goes crazy when he sees light from a flashlight. This little quirk also extends to pretty much any spot of light he can see which, at times, can cause problems.  For example if the wife and […]