Border Collie herding ducks

Border Collie herding ducks

So the herding thing is pretty neat. I’ve seen a ton of videos and articles on them herding sheep and even herding cattle however watching a Border Collie herding ducks is something all together different in my mind. With the larder animals I can see the dogs using not only their herding ability but also some […]

Border Collie Agility – RU Ready Agility Trial

R U Ready Agility

As you get more and more involved with Border Collies, even as a “regular” old pet owner, the topic of Border Collie agility training and trials will come up. It’s pretty amazing stuff. My wife and I have both been interested in getting our Ned into this…we think he’d freaking love it! Time constraints , and a […]

Border Collie Agility Training


Agility is something we’ve had interest in for a while now. It looks so wild…a great way to both exercise the dog and meet a bunch of like minded folks. We’re looking into some hobby level groups around our area and will let you know what we find out. One of the main points we’ve […]

Border Collie herding cattle


So, the way I see it, a dog herding sheep is one thing. There are more or less about the same size and while I’m sure a sheep could give a dog a pretty good kick I doubt it’s got much of a chance to kill him. A sheep is not going to gore a dog […]