Bite Inhibition – A Must for Puppy Training


To be frank I had never really heard about the practice of Bite Inhibition when it came to puppy training. Luckily my wife is a bit of a stickler for research when she dives into something new and our  Border Collie puppy was a good example.

Dogs and Pinch Collars – Good idea?

Pinch Collars for Border Collies

I was never a fan of pinch collars for dogs other than those massive Bull Mastiffs and some of the larger breeds. It was always my opinion that if the dog was more powerful than the owner than I could see them being warranted. It just seemed to me that otherwise it was unnecessary, maybe […]

Border Collies get bored pretty easily


There is no question that Border Collies are extremely smart. In fact most people in the dog world consider this breed to be the most intelligent on the planet. This can be a great attribute in your pet if you are ready to deal with both the positives and the negatives.

These dogs require a ton of training


I like to think of myself as a pretty good dog guy. I’ve had dogs all my life and have always been able to handle myself, and the dogs, without too many problems.