Pepsi Ocean the Border Collie

Pepsi Ocean the Border Collie

Reader K. S. sent a couple shots of her 8 month old Border Collie that goes by Pepsi Ocean…or PO for short! Great looking pup!

Luna the Border Collie Puppy – 10 Weeks

Luna the Border Collie Puppy

One of our Newsletter subscribers sent over a few pictures of her new Border Collie puppy, Luna. Luna is just 10 weeks old in these shots… What a great looking pup! Thanks to Jessica from San Antonio for sharing these pics…keep them coming!

Border Collie Puppy Mistakes – The Trash Bag Incident


There are a few lessons we’ve learned the hard way when it came to raising Ned the Border Collie. I figured I’d put a few down here to, hopefully, help you avoid the same issues. Might save you some headaches. At one point, when Ned was a wee Border Collie puppy, I was changing the […]

Bite Inhibition – A Must for Puppy Training


To be frank I had never really heard about the practice of Bite Inhibition when it came to puppy training. Luckily my wife is a bit of a stickler for research when she dives into something new and our  Border Collie puppy was a good example.