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Sniffers the Border Collie

Sniffers & Snowflake: A Success Story

You've got to love a success story now and then and I wanted to share with you a short tale. One that shows you that things will get better in the end with some work and focus. You're going to have insanely frustrating days with your Border Collie puppy. No way to avoid it. Days when you think to … Continue Reading

Border Collie Behavior

Border Collie Training

Pulling on the Leash

Pulling on the Leash

When Ned the Border Collie was a little puppy teaching him to walk on a leash was very much like a few other puppies I've had in the past. It's a bit of a trial, they don't like it much at first and … [Read More...]

Shots of Readers Border Collies…

Border Collies & Kids

Ned gets Jack

Border Collie accepting new Baby

So looking back over the past several months with Ned and Jack living under one roof it’s been interesting. Luckily we’ve had zero “real” problems, no accidents or unpleasant run-ins but we did have a … [Read More]

Border Collie and Baby

Preparing a Border Collie for a New Baby

I’m happy to announce my wife and I are now the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy, Jack! He’s just 4 months old at the moment and we are learning that all sorts of things that we thought we knew … [Read More]