Border Collie Agility Training


Agility is something we’ve had interest in for a while now. It looks so wild…a great way to both exercise the dog and meet a bunch of like minded folks. We’re looking into some hobby level groups around our area and will let you know what we find out. One of the main points we’ve […]

Border Collie herding cattle


So, the way I see it, a dog herding sheep is one thing. There are more or less about the same size and while I’m sure a sheep could give a dog a pretty good kick I doubt it’s got much of a chance to┬ákill him. A sheep is not going to gore a dog […]

Border Collie herding sheep


No matter how often I see examples of Border Collie herding sheep it still blows my mind. I grew up around farms but not “on the farm” by any means so a lot of this stuff is still pretty impressive to me. As you’re most likely aware these dogs have been breed to be working […]

Border Collies are always on


One of the points that is sort of tough to explain about living with the Border Collie breed is how aware they are of whats going on and how involved they get. Border Collies are always on unless they are sleeping. It’s difficult to lay out but I’ve heard having one of these dogs in […]