Border Collie herding ducks

Border Collie herding ducks

So the herding thing is pretty neat. I’ve seen a ton of videos and articles on them herding sheep and even herding cattle however watching a Border Collie herding ducks is something all together different in my mind. With the larder animals I can see the dogs using not only their herding ability but also some […]

Border Collie Agility – RU Ready Agility Trial

R U Ready Agility

As you get more and more involved with Border Collies, even as a “regular” old pet owner, the topic of Border Collie agility training and trials will come up. It’s pretty amazing stuff. My wife and I have both been interested in getting our Ned into this…we think he’d freaking love it! Time constraints , and a […]

Border Collie Behavior – Slippery Floors

Twix walks backwards

Border Collie behavior can be odd, for sure. With their mix of drive and intelligence you never know what they’ll come up with. Now, this is certainly not a “border collie only” behavior but we ran into this a while back after putting in hardwood floors and stair treads. After the new floors were laid down Ned […]

Dogs Point of View


Once in a while I start to wonder just what the daily world looks like to Ned. This is certainly not something I obsess on but it does hit me once in a while. Putting aside the obvious stuff like he can’t read or talk and he’s never, to my knowledge, had to pay taxes […]