Border Collie Psycology and Carol Price

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So a  little while back, out of the blue, author and Border Collie expert Carol Price sent us an email after finding our site…how cool it that? Carol is an expert and publisher author on the breed and has recently written a new book called “Collie Psychology: Inside the Border Collie Mind” In addition to her […]

Border Collie in a New York City Apartment

border collie new york city partment

We get a ton of good questions from readers and this one is no exception… What about having a Border Collie in a New York City apartment? Chloe from NYC writes… “I’m thinking of adding a wonderful addition to our family and I came across the Border Collie. We already have a dog, a 3 […]

Dog after Neutering


After having Ned the Border Collie for a while our plan was to keep Ned “intact” until he was a few years of age. We had, in our innocence, a grand plan to breed this dog to carry on his amazing temperament, intelligence, and all around “great dog” appeal. At first I was totally on […]

Border Collie Flashlight Obsession

Border Collie Flashlight Obsession

I’m pretty sure this is not breed specific to Border Collies but boy, oh boy is it something. We discovered the Border Collie Flashlight Obsession by accident one night and we’ve been dealing with it ever since. My neighbor had locked herself out of her house and asked me to come over and help her […]