Border Collie Sleep does actually happen

As I mentioned in the last post I’ve become a bit concerned that this site has been a little bit on the “gloomy” side when it comes to discussions on the breed. I wanted to get a few things up to show you it’s really not all that bad. This really is the best dog I’ve ever had and I’d not change a thing. In talking with other owners of the breed this seems to be a common feeling. As for the energy level…

…it is the problem most consider “Problem #1″ with having to run all that energy out. It’s like a battery on a charger that you can’t shut off. You just have to run off some of the juice on a consistent basis. But don’t worry too much about it… there is hope. A deep Border Collie sleep like what you see below is a result of a few mile walk and a good long game of  tennis ball throwing…

They do sleep...

They do sleep...

Here is concrete proof that they do, in fact, sleep. We call this “Ned’s Couch” and we find him here late at night when he’s tired out. He really sleeps like this…it’s a little weird. But it comes at the price of that few mile walk and “throw the ball over and over” time. This, also, is no big deal…chances are you need the exercise too!

A fellow Border Collie owner put it really well the other day. “This breed seems to do everything full out.”

It’s true, when these guys are awake they are AWAKE and ready to go, go, go. When they sleep they don’t mess around…they really sleep.

The resting puppy above is a result of a steady steam of exercise and stuff to do but it really is not all that horrible. Yeah, it can be a challenge but it’s well worth it!

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  1. says

    I just want to say that where I understand that to some people Border Collies can be over whelming, but frankly I don’t understand why anyone would want any other breed.

    I love these dogs, they are loveable, faithful, smart and contrary to some sites THE BEST FAMILY DOGS EVER.

    Dottie, our all white Border collie with you guessed it “dots ” on her, is our second Border Collie. We rescued our first one from a dog pound in Washington State, and after 14 wonderful years we had to let her go as she was just so sick.

    It was two years before I was ready for another dog, and then as I searched the web I came across white Border Collie pups.

    I just wanted to comment that they are fun, brilliant and our pup loves each member in our family in different ways. She understands that with the little ones she needs to be gentle and with the older ones she can do different things.

  2. Greg L says

    I believe you cloned Ned and sent him to our house. Our border collie is everything you discuss…then more. He is only 10 months old…but everything you posted so far applies to our pup.

    He is the best thing that happened to us recently, but a border collie isn’t really a dog for everyone. Ours has 20 acres to run on, as well a horse to play with. It really has been a challenge to get him to understand what a hoof could do to him…

    As far as you worrying about negative posts…own one of these wonderful challenges…if you don’t have at least 3 hours a day to spend with a pup…you don’t want a border collie. Even with all of our time and land…there are still days I think we can add another use for Duct Tape. {just kidding} keep up the good work and posts…they can only help if someone is thinking “is this dog for me?” My wife and I have discussed this…and I only know of 1 other couple we would even think of reccommending a border collie to, then only with great reservations….they are a handful on their best day….BUT we wouldn’t trade our crazy pup for any other dog….Greg

  3. says

    What a great blog and information. Very insightful on the traits of Border Collies. We just adopted a Border Collie-Aussie mix for a Border Collie rescue organization. (January) We were warned of the energy they have, but I guess we didn’t listen very well.

    We always thought we were kind of “dog whisperers” but this puppy shouted “NO WAY”!

    I have never been so challenged by a four legged critter as this one! I finally realized I needed some help and bought an online dog training program (actually 2 of them). They may have saved both the dog’s life and mine.

    Anyway, I wanted to say, you really know how to convey your Border Collie thoughts.

  4. says


    Completely agree…we too thought we were pretty good with dogs. Boy, what a wild ride it’s been with this breed! Our little guy really put us through the paces and tested every nerve but in the end totally worth it. So glad you like the site and thanks for stopping by!

  5. says

    just want to make a quick comment–we have 2 rescue border collies –one we got as a 7 mo. puppy she looks alot like Ned –and she is a busy girl –we hadn’t had a puppy in a while as our last puppy lived to the age of 17 and we rescued a fully grown adult from a shelter before these guys–so basicly both my husband and I forgot the challenge of a puppy–as mentioned they are so so so smart but also stubborn –the older one watches carefully what his sister does and then joins right in–be it chewing on cardboard or stealing food but i do agree they are well worth it and as far as I am concerned the best breed–oh and Shilo sleeps just like Ned

  6. says


    It’s easy to forget how tough the whole raising a puppy thing can be…we did the same thing! Bet you’ve got to keep your eyes on them if they like to get into trouble together. Thanks for the comments and for visiting the site!

  7. says

    BC’s are just the best! I have 2 and instead of doing boring cardio at the gym I run 2 hours in the morning with them and after work at night I take them for a walk and play ball or frisbee with them, also we do agility on weekends just for fun.
    I dedicate only 4 hours a day to my dogs, the rest of the time they play together (the second BC helped a lot) and the rest they are completely sleep I barely know about them the rest of the day after exercise, I live in a city apartment with the two of them and they need no more than 4 hours a day, THATS NOTHING WHEN I GET IN EXCHANGE THE BEST DOG BREED EVER! and I have had all kinds of breeds, AFTER A BORDER COLLIE THERE IS NO GOING BACK!

  8. Liz B says

    Our puppy Honey is now 7 months. There is one behavior that first surfaced at 8 weeks and still can appear even now. We concluded the problem is sleep deprivation. It is most likely to appear during the ‘bewitching hour’ about 6-7 PM, but can turn up anytime. It’s a bit like Cujo emerges. She gets much more aggro, leaps and nips, and barks. If she is on a lead, a few commands and she settles down. But off the lead look out. It seems like a toddler who needs naps but won’t take them because everything is too interesting for a time waster like sleep, though she konks out at night with no probs. She gets a lot of physical and mental exercise during the day. I appreciate any suggestions if someone had a similar experience. Thanks very much.

  9. says


    We totally had that happen…called it “The Second Wind.” Huge burst of energy around that time of night…all I can say is that it does pass. Keep at it!

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