Border Collie herding ducks

So the herding thing is pretty neat. I’ve seen a ton of videos and articles on them herding sheep and even herding cattle¬†however watching a Border Collie herding ducks is something all together different in my mind. With the larder animals I can see the dogs using not only their herding ability but also some brute force. There is some nipping, some intimidation and some barking. But with ducks it looks like they really only can use the pure skill. Having a dog dive into a flock of ducks nipping and barking would be pure chaos I would imagine so to see them using such grace and delicate moves is impressive. In the video below skip to about the 5:45 mark for the bit with a Border Collie herding ducks…

…notice how fine and subtle some of those moves are? You can also skip to about the 19 minute mark to see a demonstration of a Border Collie herding a flock (gaggle?) of geese. The concentration is amazing…he herds them down a busy street, with cars, kids and other dogs, without missing a beat. Amazing animals.

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