Border Collie herding cattle

So, the way I see it, a dog herding sheep is one thing. There are more or less about the same size and while I’m sure a sheep could give a dog a pretty good kick I doubt it’s got much of a chance to┬ákill him. A sheep is not going to gore a dog to death nor crush one to the ground. Now, a Border Collie herding cattle is a whole different story. One good kick in the head from a cow could easily kill a full grown man, let alone a 50 pound dog. The fact that these dogs are able to not only run with cattle but successfully herd them is simply fasciniating to me. We’re talking about an animal that weighs 1500 pounds or more. I’m not sure about your Border Collie but mine is about 45 pounds…and he’s a bit on the “chunky” side.

I came across this video of Mr. MacGregor and his pack of Border Collies that herd cattle. I’ve watched this a couple of times through and it’s just crazy. These dogs are so tough and so fast it’s easy to overlook how incredibly fearless they are…

The Mr. MacGregor makes a good point about working stock verses show stock that I feel applies to all potential Border collie owners. Not in any “one is better than the other” way but practically. Be sure to get a dog from a line that suits your purpose. Are you looking for a sport agility / family dog? Then getting a puppy from a long line of working dogs might be a mistake. Same goes the other way. Anyway…thought you’d find this one interesting…I know I did!

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