Border Collie helping a chick hatch

One of the biggest surprises we’ve had in our our adventures as Border Collie owners is the sensitivity and personality of the breed. I always heard and read that they were very sharp and extremely hard working dogs breed for herding. A pure working dog line that favors ability and intelligence over appearance.  I figured from everything I’d read that these dogs would be less than affectionate and not very gentle.  Like on many things associated with Border Collies my assumptions turned out to be totally and completely wrong.

Ned is the most outwardly affectionate and gentle dog we’ve ever had. In fact my wife can’t take a nap without the dog curling up next to her for a nap of his own. He is always

So…when I ran across this video below of a Border Collie helping a chick hatch I thought it was pretty amazing…

This is pretty insane, in my opinion, for a couple of reasons beyond the whole “Why is he not eating it?” question. For one he really seems to “get” the fact the little chick is trying to get out of the egg. Secondly it’s crazy how gentle he is as he picks tiny little pieces of egg shell away. Third is when he gently takes the chick by the wing, at the end, and gives one final tug that frees the little bugger.

Thought you guys would get a kick out of this one…I know I did!

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