Border Collie Geese Patrol

I’ve heard of this sort of thing at airports, where Geese and other flocking/migrating birds can really cause some problems, but not this. These guys use their dogs to chase geese off of their golf course. One of them is Bolt, a spunky looking Border Collie who seems to really get a kick out of his job.

This is like the best of all worlds. The dogs get some amazing exercise and they have a “job” which as we all know is critical for Border Collies. The owner gets to hang out with his dog at work, which is great, and the dog gets to hang out with his owner all day. This is great! The only party this arrangement is not so hot for is the Geese.

…I was pretty amazed they figure the geese, left alone, would drop 100,000 pounds of waste on the course! Talk about a huge savings in maintenance cost!

If your dog is part of a Border Collie Geese Patrol unit we’d love to hear about it!

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