Border Collie Behavior – Slippery Floors

Border Collie behavior can be odd, for sure. With their mix of drive and intelligence you never know what they’ll come up with. Now, this is certainly not a “border collie only” behavior but we ran into this a while back after putting in hardwood floors and stair treads. After the new floors were laid down Ned came tearing down the stairs and tried to make a hard left into the living room. The floors were slick and he wiped out and smacked into the wall pretty hard. It dazed him a bit and scared the heck out of him. He took off running (and slipping) into the kitchen and cowered under the table…he really must have had quite a knock. For quite a while he would avoid going up stairs that way or he’d try to jump/scurry past that spot…which usually lead to him wiping out again.

We ended up putting  a throw rug there with one of those “no-slip” pad things underneath it. He started going over it, still slowly, and we eventually were able to take it away…he still is very cautious on that turn.

The video below shows something I’ve never seen nor ever even heard about. Check out this Border Collie behavior that servers as a fix, of sorts, for a trouble spot…

…is that wild or what?

I’ve seen some other similar issues with Ned in the past with something causing a fright/shock and he’ll be weird around that space or item for a while. One was a broom fell over and the handle whacked the floor loudly…he gave everything with a long handle a wide berth after that. Another was plugging in the vacuum cleaner which scared the heck out of him…he was fast asleep under the coffee table (I didn’t see him) and the vacuum was very close. The one take away point, I think, is not to attempt to push the dog to go close to that item over over that spot. Help him along with a bridge (aka rug) or with coaxing with treats.

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