Border Collie Agility – RU Ready Agility Trial

As you get more and more involved with Border Collies, even as a “regular” old pet owner, the topic of Border Collie agility training and trials will come up. It’s pretty amazing stuff. My wife and I have both been interested in getting our Ned into this…we think he’d freaking love it! Time constraints , and a new baby, have so far put this plan on hold but we’re going to get involved here shortly.

I came across this video the 2012 R U Ready Agility Trials  showing some Border Collie agility runs and it’s amazing. Check out the laser focus on these dogs as they run the course. The power of the breed never ceases to blow my mind…they seem to explode out over those bars and jumps…

…the focus, speed and skill level is crazy. To see these dogs correct themselves as they slip, slide and jump all over the place just goes to show how special these dogs really are. We have got  get Ned into this…even at the beginner level this would be a blast. He’s got the speed and the spring…we just need to make it happen.

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