Border Collie Agility Training

Agility is something we’ve had interest in for a while now. It looks so wild…a great way to both exercise the dog and meet a bunch of like minded folks. We’re looking into some hobby level groups around our area and will let you know what we find out.

One of the main points we’ve learned in the past several years is Ned seemed to be the happiest when he’s learning something new. Even little stuff gets him going. The time we spend with him on new tricks, or just out chucking the ball around on walks, is really satisfying. Looking at this Agility thing I’m guessing it’s a total riot for the dogs and can only image what the owners are getting out of it.

Check out this video below. You can pretty plainly see how specific and technical this stuff is. Also look at the speed on that dog! Like lightning…

You can learn a bit more about Rev the Border Collie and owner Tori Self over on their blog at There are some great Border Collie pictures on there as well.

From my limited research on the topic it seems like the best way to start is to start with the basics…like pretty much everything else. Jumps are a big part of the process as well as direction of the dog with verbal commands. Do some poking around, find a local group and see what you think!

If you’re into, or thinking about, Border Collie agility training I’d be very interested on your thoughts and experience. It looks like a total blast!

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