The day it all began...

The day it all began…

When we made the decision to get a Border Collie it’s not one we made lightly. My wife and I had read and heard all sorts of horror stories about the breed when it comes to a family pet. We heard about their energy level, the unbreakable herding instincts, the sheer intelligence of the breed and, to be honest, we almost didn’t go through with it. However looking back over the last two years we would not change a thing.

We have both been dog people our entire lives but are by no means “professional” dog trainers in any way, shape or form. Like you we just like dogs. Everything related here is just personal experience and not to be confused for any sort of professional information or instruction! We’re just having fun sharing our experiences with this breed.

In owning a Border Collie we’ve had to read books and watch online dog training videos on methods and tricks and rethink and relearn most everything we thought we “knew” about dogs.┬áIt has at times been a real challenge with our dog as he’s grown up.

These dogs are working dogs. Period. If you ignore that simple fact your home life with this breed is not going to be pleasant. We thought we’d share our experiences on raising and owning a Border Collie here online. We now have a great dog and a true member of the family. It’s been a lot of work, frustration and time to get to this point and I’m not sure that this path is for everyone. That said: I just can’t tell you how much we enjoy having this dog in our lives. He is an amazing addition to the family and we would not change one minute of it. He is an absolute blast!

Ned the Border Collie and his staff

Ned the Border Collie and his staff

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Since starting this site we’ve had an addition to our family, our son Jack. There are a couple of posts about our experience with dog and baby (here, here and here) but we wanted to add a shot of the little guy here to the About page..

Jack and Ned - 12-25-2012

Jack (6 Months) and Ned hanging out Christmas of 2012

We are now rabid fans of the breed and hope to shed a little light on the process of raising one. By all means do your own homework, read the books, talk with other owners and listen to the negatives of this breed before you jump into it.

Ned & Jack at about 1.5 years old Fall of 2013

Ned & Jack at about 1.5 years old Fall of 2013

A great resource for Border Collie information, both troubles you may be having and for adoption, is to check with a Border Collie Rescue group in your area. To find one close to you simply do an online search for “Border Collie Rescue+ <your state>”.

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